About Us

Baby Snuggles Corporation’s approach to Transitional Home Neo-Natal Care, is one that incorporates a hybrid treatment plan, that prioritizes the critical care of our patients, and that also encourages the overall wellness of our patients and their parents as well.


Our philosophy towards Neo-Natal Transitional care is that the balance between the comprehensive transitional Neo-Natal health care of your baby and your health is achieved by the engagement of our highly skilled Neo-Natal nurses who are committed to your baby’s health care and the mothers after care. Through their interpersonal connection with you, they are able to help prevent postpartum challenges, throughout the entire transitional process.

The Flower in the Middle

The title is analogous of and a reference to the feelings and the actions of a woman who is physically in between her husband and her infant child sharing herself with both at the same time. It describes the feelings and the emotions associated with being the person who is pleasuring her lover and feeding her baby from her breast, simultaneously.


It is a term that describes the waves of mental stimuli that ebb through her mind as she realizes that she has the power and the vulnerability to be the woman that she was created to be. She is in control and yet open. She is unhinged but bound. It is a paradox; it is quite the irony as she lays on her side.


In that moment, she is giving her lover intimacy and her child suckling. She is the flower in the middle. She is the giver of life and the giver of contentment and balance to her family. She is aware of her strength and her weaknesses. She is entitled and the enabler. She is all that a woman could be in that moment. She cannot move; she is static. And yet her rhythm is fluid and organic. She is a super woman, she is mother. She feels empowered and fulfilled by the instance.


At Baby Snuggles, we appreciate the mother who is now the proverbial flower in the middle. Our staff of highly trained Doula specialists can relate to the posture of the woman who has now become the flower in the middle. We understand and we empathize with you, whether you are a new mom or a have been down this road before and may even be a grandma.

We recognize the stresses and the possible trauma that may have occurred through childbirth and now the transition to home life and into your new norm. Our goal is to help you to settle into your new life with ease and to minimize the anxiety that you may experience.


We understand the pressure that you may feel, and we understand that you may feel overwhelmed with all that is going on. We want you to know that these are all normal feelings and emotions that are associated with childbirth and the transition home, with your new baby.


We realize that you may have additional concerns given the current pandemic climate and how it could affect your baby and your family at large. We want you to know that we are aware of them and that we care about you and your family.  


Our team of Home transitional specialist are dedicated and committed to ensuring that you and your baby’s transition to your home is a safe one, and that it has as little complexity as possible.


Whether there is the necessity for medial technical support or not, Baby Snuggles has the expertise and the tenacity to implement a personalized care plan that can be tailored to accommodate your needs in Neo-Natal Night Transitional Nursing.

MarTina Newhouse

Chief Client Liaison

Baby Snuggles L.L.C.